Our Mission at ExamFacts is to elevate and promote many fields of Medicine through our high standards for excellence. Our goal is to collaboratively empower the health care professional, with our passion and commitment by meeting all educational needs through high-quality content.

ExamFacts Exam Preparation

ExamFacts Exam Preparation is a comprehensive team of advance practice educators from Coast to Coast with a mission to change exam preparation for a modern society. We use neuroscience principles of learning in order to ensure optimal retention.

ExamFacts specializes in the students who have been out of school for a while or already failed the exam. Through proven methods we are teaching "all the facts you need to know to pass the exam" through video guided lessons using logical our signature easy to understand structure. This allows any learner to fully grasp all concepts and pass the registry exam on the first attempt. All materials are created for the current TMC & CSE Matrix.

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